Sunday, October 28, 2007

Google Pagerank Update (Official 2007)

Hooray! It's finally happened. We've been waiting so long and it's here... suspected all the websites we've built over the last year or two have been ranked pretty good (between PR5 and PR6 for index pages and PR3 - Pr4 for interior pages - depending on the nature of the website and the popularity of the pages.)

This makes us happy, obviously, because it re-enforces that the way we build websites is good*

Adopting standards based design and neat CSS is the future!

(Any body who doesn't get that last statement, please email me so I can set you on the straight and narrow.)

That said, too much emphasis can be placed on Google Page Rank. Your sites will still be indexed, appear in searches, get found for Pete's sake (who ever Pete is!) It's not the end of he world, just the beginning.

*Google Page Rank does not discriminate between good CSS websites and and table-based layouts - sacrilegious I know. Please no emails on this subject or I will have to kill you.

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