Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Latest Website - ADS

This is my latest website to go live. for Advanced Debt Solutions. ADS provide debt management and confidential debt advice on resolving debt problems.

New Blog Template

I love this new Blog template design form Dan Rubin. It's so clean, generic. Although I can't resist fiddling with colours and images and a bit off CSS. This is now even easier to do than ever before thanks to Blogger's new beta. Keep up the good work!

Friday, September 08, 2006

A list of all Google data centers

Have you ever wondered how many data centers Google owns? Currently Google owns 39 data centers and they are all listed at this site. It is interesting to see how much you can learn from all of their data centers.

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PC Magazine's Top 99 Undiscovered Web Sites

Think of us as the friends who are always forwarding you links to cool sites you'd never find on your own. That's who we aim to be with this list of 99 Undiscovered Web Sites, and that's who you'll be after reading it.

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Thursday, September 07, 2006

See your website in 30+ different ways (screenshots)

See how your site looks in various versions of Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Netscape, Mozilla, Firebird, Dillo, Opera, Seamonkey, K-Meleon, Konquerer and more. Counted a total of 30 setups between Linux, Mac, and Windows. Also configurable to see your site in different resolutions. Too cool =)

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RSS 2 PDF Generator

RSS 2 PDF Is an online generator that will conver your RSS feeds, Atom or OPML into PDF files fast and easy. (with or without pictures).

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Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Alan Johnson

Another new website from 939 Design.

Oxmardyke Equestrian Centre

Oxmardyke Eqestrian Centre is situated on the outskirts of Gilberdyke. It is a five-minute drive from the main road and was established by Rachel Kirby in 1997 and has been growing ever since. When the riding school first opened it had 3 hoses and 3 ponies, now it has 10 horses and 10 ponies. These 20 horses are stabled in a brand new, purpose-built facility. Whether you are young or old, looking for a relaxing pastime or just want to improve your riding technique, Oxmardyke Equestrian Centre can provide the training and help you need.

939 Design New Content

Lots of new content has been added to the 939 Design website including, links and information, advice on how to promote your website, a new pricing guide, client updates, free web health check as well as the usual accessibility and css stuff.

New website for 179 Media Limited

179 Media are media buyers specialising in the retail, financial, telecommunications and motor industry sectors.

With over 20 years experience they have handled campaigns for clients such as: MFI, Comet, Superdrug, Dixon Motors, Hygena, Nexus Communications, Woolworths, HFS Finance and Bollin Finance.

939 Design created the new branding and website.