Thursday, January 31, 2008

@media 2008

The @media 2008 web design and development conference is the latest in a series of widely renowned and consistently well received events for web professionals.

This year Vivabit are running two events one in London and the other San Francisco.

Some of the same old faces like Andy Budd, John Hicks, Paul Boag (my favorite podcaster) and some new ones too.

I couldn't make the 2007 event but loved the 2006 one so will make every effort to attend the 2008 event - although which location to choose?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

CSS Taste

CSS Taste now features the 939 Design website as well as CSS Design Yorkshire. Thanks guys.

CSS Creme feature Dedicated Server Warehouse

CSScreme, one of the world's top css design gallerys, now features Dedicated Server Warehouse as part of it's ever growing collection of well designed and well coded websites. Thanks for the mention. If you like the design you can also vote for it by clicking the small circles!

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Stylevault feature Dedicted Server Warehouse

A big thanks to the team at stylevault for featuring he Dedicated Server Warehouse website.

Dedicated Server Warehouse features in CSSbased

CSSbased have been kind enough to feature Dedicated Server Warehouse as an example of good clear css web design. I am really pleased with this design and the sister company Virtual Server Warehouse, as I think the websites get across a lot of technical information about dedicated and virtual servers in a very clear fashion and hopefully with a bit of style as well. You can also vote for the site on CSSbased and leave any comments.

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

CSS Yorkshire 2008 - a whole new year!

CSS Design Yorkshire has a new page (you guessed it) 2008 Gallery and already there have been 28 successful submissions in the first week of the year. If you have or have built a website that looks good and has good code behind it why not submit it and join the best UK based web design showcase.