Sunday, September 23, 2007

SEO that works!

A few months ago we launched the new version of the 939 Design website. This site was specifically built to perform well on search engines by ticking all the accessibility and SEO boxes. Google has indexed the website but not assigned a page ranks yet, when this happens the results will probably get even better! - if that's possible? See for yourself how the new 939 Design website performs on Google.

Google Organic Search Results for

939 Design - #1

css web design hull - #1
css web design yorkshire - #3
css web design uk - #3

web design hull - #2
web design yorkshire - #20
web design uk - #68

website design hull - #1
website design yorkshire - #13
website design uk - #55

graphic design hull - #7
graphic design yorkshire - #8
graphic design uk - #36

All websites built by 939 Design for our clients are built following these proven SEO techniques. If you want to know more about good website search engine optimization contact 939 Design for free impartial advice.


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Seo Link Master said...
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Eskimo Soup said...

Pagerank is in no way related to how your website is structured or coded. Only incoming links can effect your pagerank.